How to Bid & Buy your ‘Wheels’?

                   Viewing Listings

  1. Make sure you are registered and signed in (if not, you cannot bid or buy!)
  2. Select ‘Browse’ from the top menu (or simply browse through all the displayed listings) and then select the category (or all categories) of interest.
  3. Alternatively, enter what you are interested in into the Enter Keywords box and then click search.
  4. When you see items listed that you are interested in, simply click the picture to open up the listing page.
  5. If of interest but don’t wish to bid yet, add to your watch list by clicking the + Add to Watch List section.
  6. To view your watched items, go to My Account / My Account Home / then select Watching from the left hand menu.

Bidding on Listings

  1. Want to place a bid. Either enter a one off bid or alternatively enter the maximum bid you are prepared to make and let the system enter your bids (as required) by proxy. (Proxy bidding will only counter another person’s bid in stages up to your maximum).
  2. To then keep track of what you are bidding upon, go to My Account and select My Bids. All your current bids will be displayed and show whether you have a Winning Bid, a High Bid but the reserve has not met or that you have been Outbid and need to bid again should you wish to acquire the listed item.


  1. If you cannot wait till the end of the auction and there is a Buy-it-Now available, then select this to Buy at the promoted Buy-it-Now price. Be aware though that by selecting this option, it immediately ends the auction, and you are the obligated Buyer.

Winning Bid or Buy-it-Now Purchase.

  1. When an Auction ends for a listing and you are the highest bidder (and any reserve has been met) or if you activate the Buy-it-Now on a listing, you are obligated to complete the purchase.
  2. You will receive an invoice with the Sellers details and the method of required payment. You (as the Buyer) must then respond to the Seller with an arrangement to close the sale by payment and collection (or delivery if so agreed) This must be completed within a maximum of 4 days (unless the seller / buyer mutually agree to an alternative time frame.
  3. Should either Seller or Buyer have a grievance upon the transaction or the listed item not being factually as described, then please send an email to stating the listing number and all relevant information so a solution may be sought.


Be advised that when you bid upon an item for sale with – you are bidding to buy the item through this site, not to seek to simply view and decide post hammer. Whenever possible, always view before you bid and if you are unable to view and therefore unsure of your position, the answer is simple… Just don’t place a bid! If you bid and do not complete you will be deregistered until further notice.

Any Buyers (or Sellers) attempting to undertake third party deals upon listed items outside of this site will be frowned upon and any person(s) who attempts such dealings will be deregistered until further notice.