How to List & Sell your ‘wheels’?

Open your’ My Account (from the top menu) and select ‘Create Listing’ : or

Select ‘Sell’ from the left hand side of the top menu.

Step 1.

  • Select the general vehicle category and additional type plus make (if shown)
  • Select whether you wish to sell by Auction or Fixed Price.
  • Click Next

Step 2. For Sale by Auction (See Step 3 for Fixed Price Sale Guidance)

  • Complete Title (How you wish to name your Sale i.e. Ford Escort Mexico)
  • Complete Subtitle (Other detail i.e. 1970 Genuine Model)
  • Write a complete description of the vehicle condition, history, ownership etc.

(The more detailed the description given, the better the chances of sale!)

Additional Details.

  • Complete all details as fully as possible. Boxes with * must be completed.
  • Complete your required pricing information. 

Please Note: You can list with: -

With no reserve price

This means that whatever the final bid may be at the end of the auction becomes the sale price. i.e. If there is only one bid of £1.00, then that is the final sale price.


With a Reserve price  –

This is our advised selection. Set a minimum acceptable price that you believe Acceptable and then enter this in the ‘reserve price’. If bidding does not reach this reserve price then the listed item does not sell. You can then decide whether or not to relist and whether or not to lower your set reserve price.


With a Buy-it-Now price

Add a Buy-it-Now price for an instant sale. Set a price that you would accept to immediately ‘end the auction’ and sell your ‘wheels’! This would usually be a price a little higher than your reserve price if set, but also adds a guide price to bidders as to the level of expected price the wheels will sell for.

Please note that if a reserve price is set and reached, then the Buy-it-Now option ends and is removed.


Accept Offers - tick the box to accept online offers.


Step 3. Fixed Sale Price

Same details required as for auction listing, just add the sale price wanted and tick whether or not offers will be considered

Additional Details (continued).

  • Add Photographs. Simply click on upload images (up to 20 images allowed) and collect from your phone or pc.
  • If you have a YouTube video of the item you are listing, select download and add it at this point.
  • If you have any PDF based information / car check data etc, add it at Additional Media.
  • Payment Details.
  • Edit Payment Details to your requirement by selecting Edit payment settings and add any comment you may wish to add upon the invoice that will be issued to the winning bidder / buyer.        

Start and Duration.

  • Enter the time and date you wish your auction / sale to start – Leave blank for an immediate listing
  • Duration. Select from the drop down box the number of days you wish you Auction / Sale to run.
  • Save Draft if you wish to leave without completing and return to the listing later.

Create Listing. This sends your listing for publication to the worldofwheels auction / sales website.



Be advised that when you list an item for sale with – you are listing to sell the item through this site. Therefore, we will not accept any statements such as ‘we / I reserve the right to withdraw this item as it is up for sale elsewhere. Any person who attempts such a statement upon their listing will have their listing removed and be deregistered until further notice.

Any removal of an item for sale that has received bids will need to be approved by World of Wheels administration before removal and this will only be allowed for realistic reasons.

Removal or refusal to sell to a winning bidder at the hammer or Buy-it-Now price will result in the Seller being reregistered from the site and not be allowed to reregister at the discretion of the Administration of World of Wheels.